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  • What do I need to view the NOAC eLearning modules?

    Any internet enabled PC, Mac or tablet with one of the following browsers installed:

    • Google Chrome (recommended)
    • Mozilla Firefox 30.x or higher
    • Internet Explorer 9 or higher
    • Safari 6 or higher

    You must also have a screen with a resolution of, or above, 1024 x 768. Your PC, Mac or tablet must also have the ability to play sound.

    As the modules contain a lot of video content, it is highly recommended that you view them on a compatible device connected to a broadband, fibre or other high-speed internet connection.

  • Can I view the modules on an iPad?

    Yes you can! The modules have been designed to work on all iPads that are running iOS 7.x and above.

  • Why does a play button appear on my iPad/tablet at the beginning of each screen?

    Apple and Google do not allow any videos to 'autoplay', ie. start by themselves on any of their mobile devices, so for any video to play, the device requires user input.

  • Can I view the modules on a phone?

    The NOAC eLearning modules have not been designed to be viewed on a mobile phone. Although they may play, they have not been tested at all on any mobile phone devices and therefore may not display or work as expected.

  • I have a problem viewing the modules – what can I do?

    You can contact our technical support team here. We aim to reply to you within two business days.

  • The videos in the module won't play

    Please ensure that you are using one of the browsers listed above. You can check which browser you are using, and find instructions on how to update it (if necessary) by visiting



  • Why do I have to take an assessment before and after taking the module?

    The assessments will measure the module's designed learning objectives against your attained learning to help you track and monitor your learning experience. This will also help us measure the outcomes of this educational activity, and improve future learning programmes. If you prefer not to complete the assessments, please choose the open access module to access eLearning immediately.


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